SAT/ACT Prep Packages

We’ll evaluate your baseline score either from your SAT score report or through a diagnostic test.

(The Most Effective)
Targeted instruction on techniques and content for each subject student needs improvement; 12 90-minute sessions and 4 practice tests
Pair-up Find a friend to share your lessons
Group-on Gather a group of 6 to take advantage of our group lessons
Essays only 4 60-minute sessions; learn essay structure, brainstorm and develop arguments
Urgent-care Only 3 weeks left before your test? We’ll get you going at a time and place that’ most convenient to you.
Stress-reliever Take your time. Start early and go at your own pace. No rush, no stress
Summer prep Make the best use of your summer by preparing for the SAT/ACT

Pencil icon SAT/ACT Prep

Boosted by our ACT and SAT prep, our students have become highly desirable candidates to the colleges of their choice

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Essay icon College Applications

100%. That’s how many improve their chances of admission to their dream college!

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Graduation Cap icon Academic Coaching Packages

There are many aspects to consider as a high school student preparing for college. It can be an overwhelming process, but Ivy Ambitions will guide you to achieve your goals!

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