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The Ivy Ambitions Journey

In 2007, Ivy Ambitions was founded in response to what many schools and other large college prep companies lacked: one-on-one customized attention to every student and parent. Building the firm from the ground up with a student-centric philosophy, Ivy Ambitions has set a new standard in academic coaching. With our playful, non-judgmental approach, students of all skill levels develop confidence and improve academic performance. Our extraordinarily successful alumni are a testament to our commitment.

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Our Founder

Founder and President of Ivy Ambitions, Shashi Karve, established Ivy Ambitions to dedicate her knowledge and experience to helping students maximize their potentials. Shashi is a very friendly, hard-working person with the ability to make even the most shy, uncertain person feel comfortable. Shashi works with both parents and students fostering aspirations.

She has served in corporate environments like IBM and also in academic environments like Michigan State University. Her extensive college planning experience and success is attributed to a unique way of partnering with students and parents to help strengthen skills and build a promising educational future.

Shashi Karve is a member of:

Shashi Karve


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The Key to Our Success
Ivy Ambitions has successfully built its business in the greater Lansing region through 100% word-of-mouth advertising. This doesn’t surprise us – we’ve made it happen by putting our hearts in our student’s achievement. Point your friends toward Ivy Ambitions and if they sign up with us, we’ll take 10% off your next consultation (ask us for details).
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