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High School

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Year-Round Prep

There are many aspects to consider as a high school student preparing for college. It can be an overwhelming process, but Ivy Ambitions will guide you to achieve your goals!

Here are some of the services we offer for high school students:

  • Explore career interests
  • Develop study/test-taking skills
  • Improve GPA & SAT/ACT scores

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College Applications

100%.    That’s how many improve their chances of admission to their dream college!

Our college acceptance record is eye-popping.

Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, U-M, MSU, Northwestern, NYU, and many more!

Join our students in your dream college.

How do we do it? By getting to know the student so we can recommend the best fit for their interests, aspirations and personalities. With our guidance, their essays serve as a window to their unique personalities and strengths. We even prepare them for college interviews. Financial aid is something everyone can use. We help with that as well.

Come join us and enrich yourself!

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Summer Programs

Summer is the best time to enjoy yourself and what you like to do along with building up your skills. Ivy Ambitions can help you leverage summers to help you towards your future goals. We customize a search for a summer program to suit the student’s needs. Start towards success during the sunny days to make your future shine even brighter!

Following is a list of our services for summer programs:

  • Research fun and interesting summer programs that help in exploring career interests
  • Develop new programs to align with individual interest
  • Strengthen academic skills
  • Cultivate creativity and reasoning skills
  • Prepare for standardized tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT

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Parent Mentoring

The college admissions process is fraught with confusion and stress for students as well as parents. But it need not be. Let us help you guide your child through a wholesome four years of high school. Call us for a consultation to learn how to best facilitate your child's future.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • What are the admissions criteria for hyper-competitive schools?
  • How can I help her with time management?
  • How can I teach him to be organized?
  • How much community service hours does my child need for college?
  • How many sports should she participate in?
  • How should I help my child reduce stress?
  • How should I motivate my child?