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Elementary School

Lab Research

Develop independent work ethic & good study habits

For students in elementary and middle schools, Ivy Ambitions focuses on discovering and developing interests, strengthening the English language, accelerating in math and science, and cultivating soft skills. Rather than focusing on college preparation, we focus on life and career preparation. Since many children at this age have not discovered their strengths and interests, this process takes patience and time. Interests cultivated should be sustainable over a number of years and need not be expensive. Cultivating soft skills starting at this age places the child ahead of most others by the time they graduate from high school. In fact, the foundation laid at this stage lends to less need for guidance in high school. Another important aspect of mentoring this age is instilling good study habits, motivating and developing a good work ethic.

Here is a breakdown of our process:

  • Discover: strengths, interests, personality
  • Enrich: focusing on English, Math, Technology, other interests and study and test taking skills
  • Soft Skills: public speaking, community service, competitions, interpersonal skills