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Discovery & College Search Discover interests, strengths and personality through in-depth interviews and analysis of student’s profile; recommend careers/programs/majors based on assessment.

Search colleges based on Discover and other college choice attributes (like program strength, weather, culture, location, religious affiliation, etc.).
Application form filling assistance & Essays Short answers, extracurricular chart, etc. (Common App. Universal App.+ Supplements, Early/Regular/Rolling apps )

Suggest topics, brainstorm and edit essays.
Interview prep Prepare questions, answers, interview etiquette; mock interviews
Financial Aid/ Scholarships Scholarship and merit aid search, awards evaluation and comparison, appeals assistance, financial aid application assistance, recommend colleges based on probability of scholarships
Essays for Honors Program, Residential College, Scholarships Craft great essays for acceptance into Honors programs, Residential colleges and to win Scholarships

Pencil icon SAT/ACT Prep

Boosted by our ACT and SAT prep, our students have become highly desirable candidates to the colleges of their choice

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Essay icon College Applications

100%. That’s how many improve their chances of admission to their dream college!

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Graduation Cap icon Academic Coaching Packages

There are many aspects to consider as a high school student preparing for college. It can be an overwhelming process, but Ivy Ambitions will guide you to achieve your goals!

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