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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Ivy Ambitions?

99% of our students come from word of mouth. They hear from others about our unswerving passion in helping students achieve their highest potentials. This is why they sign up with Ivy Ambitions. We’re passionate to the extreme.

What’s our expertise?

We specialize in preparing students for selective college admissions. Acceptance in a competitive college is not achieved merely through well-written essays. The process starts much earlier – that’s where we come in. We provide students with essential study and test-taking skills, prepare them for standardized tests, and engage them in fun extra-curricular activities so that they are guaranteed to excel.

Are Ivy Ambitions counselors and tutors available week nights and weekends?

Absolutely. In fact, that’s when most of our meetings take place because that’s what students and parents find most convenient.

What is an education consultant?

An education consultant at Ivy Ambitions helps students and their families determine the best educational path towards the student’s career of choice. The most suitable path is the one that best fits the student’s strengths and interests.

How does Ivy Ambitions help?

Ivy Ambitions harnesses students’ strengths and interests to help them achieve their educational dreams. Our staff offers to:

  • Understand students’ goals, interests and background
  • Determine appropriate academic program that best fits the student’s needs
  • Help students determine a career path
  • Help in deciding which colleges to apply for
  • Guide students through the college application process
  • Help with financial planning for college
  • Guide with researching scholarships/financial aid to help reduce college costs

Who benefits from Ivy Ambitions?

Students of all ages, abilities and challenges benefit from Ivy Ambitions’ guidance. We currently work with:

  • High achieving students
  • Students aspiring for professional degrees
  • Students seeking admission to top universities for the sciences, liberal arts or the fine arts
  • Parents seeking to inspire their children
  • Students unsure of which career path to pursue
  • Busy parents unfamiliar with the admissions process

Why hire an education consultant at Ivy Ambitions?

The college admissions process can be intimidating. We relieve students and their families from the anxiety of navigating through the maze of SATs, ACTs, AP classes, community service, extra-curricular activities, and college applications and essays. We help shape and strengthen students’ marketable qualities.

The goal of academic education is to prepare students for a career. Proper career planning starts many years before high school begins. Consultants at Ivy Ambitions use a multi-disciplinary approach to help discover and guide students’ aspirations.